We provide the following products:-

  • Abrasives & Cutting Disc
  • Belt
  • Conductive UHMW
  • Film (PTFE, UHMW, etc.)
  • Press Pad
  • Pressure Sensitive Tape
  • Rubber
  • Silicon Coated Fabrics
  • Teflon Coated Fabrics
  • Teflon Rods & Sheets
  • Thermally Conductive Materials
  • Tubing & Roller Sleeves

Thermal Management

Heat Transfer Fluids

Silicone Rubber

Anti-Corrosion Solution Materials

Performance Plastics - Flexible Hose and Tubing, Tubes and Rods

Specialty Pressure Sensitive and Self Fusing Tapes

Lubricants and Sealants

Food and Beverage

Food Processing Materials

Specialty High Temperature Non-stick Fabrics and Tapes

Adhesives and Coatings

Oil and Gas Industry

Aircraft and Aerospace Maintenance Materials

UHMW-PE(Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene), Natural FDA and USDA Compliant, Low Friction and High Wear Resistant, Anti-Static, Anti-Squeak

Flexible Packaging


Engineering Adhesives

PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)